08-24-2022 / Scott Willian
Personal Finance Books For Fresh High School Graduates

As you finish off your high school career, it's time to shift gears into adulthood. While there are many new responsibilities that you'll need to take on, managing your personal finances is one of the most imperative. Below are some of the best personal finance books for recent high school graduates to help transition into the world of adult finances.


I Will Teach You to Be Rich

This popular book by Ramit Sethi really gets to the point. As you begin your journey into adulthood, you can do so with the right financial footing by following the guiding principles that Sethi shares. You'll love his straightforward writing style that gives actionable advice to navigate credit responsibility, student loans, and a life free from excessive debt. This New York Times best-selling book is a mixture of financial guidance and helpful motivation to get you familiar with a successful personal financial state.


What You Should Have Learned About Money but Never Did

This favorite from Booksio in Fresno, CA, provides readers with an introduction to the world of personal finance. It covers the basics like establishing your financial goals, starting an emergency fund, paying down debt, and even saving for retirement. This financial book by Sophia Bera provides much focus on setting up good habits that you can utilize throughout the rest of your life.


I Want More Pizza

Written by Steve Burkholder, this book focuses on real-life money skills. The entertaining and clear writing style of this book helps to offer younger readers examples of relatability so that they can ponder hypothetical questions presented by the author about personal finances. You'll learn why managing money is important and how to do it. Burkholder uses four slices of a pizza to break down the various sections of personal finance. These include your relationship with money, future goals, behavior with money, and so forth.


Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School?

Authored by Cary Siegel, this book offers simple principles that underline lifelong financial health. You won't learn traditional how-tos for budgeting or investing. Rather, this book outlines essential life planning skills and larger habits that will contribute to your financial outcomes in life. This book breaks down each principle into its own chapter so that you can read about specific principles that you're most excited about first.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

This world-renowned book by Robert Kiyosaki is a must-read for any young person. It presents basic money perspectives from both the wealthy and the unwealthy. You'll enjoy the insightful, funny, and informative way that Kiyosaki teaches about financial literacy and life financing skills. He furthermore shares how to apply financial concepts to fit your own learning style, business opportunities, and goal-setting abilities. Instead of pressing one right way, Kiyosaki shows how to use your own attributes to gain financial success in life.


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