08-24-2022 / Scott Willian
The Berenstain Bears Discuss Money Matters

The Berenstain Bears debuted in 1962 and appeared in books and on TV ever since. The stories created by Stan and Jan Berenstain have become beloved ways of learning about kindness and the problems we face in life. The Berenstain Bears are a favorite at Fresno's Booksio charitable bookstore. The bear family is doing its bit to help children learn about handling money and budgeting.



The Berenstain Bears Have Money Trouble

The Berenstain Bears entered the financial industry in the early-2000s in a partnership with Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. The partnership brings financial education to elementary school children and their families. Each child opening an account with a partner credit union is given the book "Money Trouble" to help them understand finances. The Berenstain Bears books continue to be issued to children throughout the life of their account.


Books Help Learning

The idea behind the partnership between the Berenstain Bears and credit unions is that children will be financially aware from a young age. Students at elementary schools receive books throughout the year based on different financial issues they may face. The Berenstain Bears try to help provide coping strategies and options for avoiding financial hardships.


The Bear Country Credit Union

The Berenstain Bears have links to credit unions across the U.S. One of the main areas of learning is a field trip to the Bear Country Credit Union. The kid-friendly credit union is a play area allowing children to take on the roles of different partners in a credit union. The bright play area is designed to mimic the lobby of a real-life credit union. Children take on the roles of customers and bank tellers as they learn about the necessities of financial planning. The different roles within the credit union are explored to gain an understanding of how the financial institution plays a role in the financial lives of families across each region. Turning the Bear Country Credit Union into a kid-friendly experience helps to bring the message of good financial health into a reality for families.


Matching Deposit Programs

The credit unions taking part in the Berenstain Bears financial literacy program use a deposit matching option to encourage early saving. The deposit matching program is an encouragement to children to provide support to families who are hoping to build a bright financial future. Matching deposits will be made for the first deposit and as a bonus for birthday celebrations. The Berenstain Bears books about financial literacy are being added to all the time and confront many of the problems children and families face in everyday life.

If you are interested in providing financial education to your children, visit Booksio to learn about their offerings. The Berenstain Bears are one of many options for learning about finances.