12-28-2022 / Booksio Staff
Which One of the 4 Types of Readers Are You?

Reading is a great way to enjoy passing the time and necessary to learn new information. While you may think that reading is just reading, it’s not as simple as that! The act of reading is complex, and many of us can get frustrated or lose track when we read, reducing our enjoyment and diminishing comprehension. Rather than blame your third-grade reading teacher (they were probably doing their best!), figure out what kind of reader you are and what’s the right kind of reading for you. There are four different types of readers, and knowing which category you fall into can assist you in honing in on expanding your reading skills.


Tacit Readers

How to Read a BookTacit readers are those who lack awareness of what they're reading. Readers in this category tend to take longer to grasp the concept they read thoroughly. You may find yourself constantly getting lost in the text and having to reread certain sections. If you fall into this category, you can do a few things to enhance your reading abilities. Start with reading slowly and think about what you've learned at the end of each paragraph. Be sure to reread and make notations when necessary to ensure that you fully grasp the storyline. How To Read A Book, the classic guide to adult reading comprehension, may be a great benefit to you. 


Aware Readers

The Cabin at the End of the WorldAware readers are those who tend to lose the meaning of what they're reading after a while. These readers tend to become frustrated and likely won't finish reading their content. To become a better reader, those in this category should slow down and pay attention to what they think as they read. If they notice a question popping up, then it's necessary to take the time to reread. Readers in this category can benefit from reading thrillers like The Cabin at the End of the World or Harlan Coben’s The Match where they are very engaged. The twists and turns will enhance their comprehension skills as they read on the edge of their seats.


Strategic Readers

Lincoln in the BardoStrategic readers excel in the activity of reading. They take the time to understand each passage that they read. They will reread the text and look for accompanying visuals to ensure they fully grasp what they're reading. These readers will tend to preview various sections of their book before reading it. They will even make predictions of the content and actively recall the materials they've read. Strategic readers enjoy longer narratives filled with metaphors and lush writing they can reread again and again. They might enjoy historical fiction novels like Lincoln in the Bardo or Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko


Reflective Readers

BeastsReflective readers are those who generally enjoy writing and reading. These introspective individuals utilize various strategies when reading and continuously reflect on the content. These readers will reflect on their successes and failures with each reading experience and alter future experiences based on their reflection period. Reflective readers tend to highly value interpersonal relationships and may, therefore, be drawn to deeply personal writing by writers like Joyce Carol Oates or Alan Hollinghurst

Becoming a better reader starts by finding books to match your skills. Fortunately, you can find a plethora of reading options at Booksio that can assist you on your journey to more compelling reading.