05-05-2023 / Booksio Staff
If You Loved That Movie or TV Show, Read This Book!

Did you need an extra cup of coffee this morning, because you stayed up late watching that fifth or sixth episode of Shadow and Bone? Could you not stop yourself from watching The Bourne Supremacy? Don’t be ashamed – we all love a good TV binge every now and then! 

That being said, sometimes we may not realize that there’s a good book right around the corner that will keep you up late just as easily as the new TV series. No matter what genre you binge, we’ve got some recommendations for you to read right now that will satisfy that craving for one more episode. Check it out!


In the Lives of Puppets

 In lives of PuppetsIf you were entranced by the new Pinnocchio movie or love Star Wars, you may fall in love with TJ Klune’s, In the Lives of Puppets. Hidden and safe in little home built in the trees, live three robots and a human, Victor Lawson, as a family. The day Vic salvages and repairs an unfamiliar android labeled “HAP,” he learns of a shared dark past between Hap and one of the other robots. When one of the robots is captured for reprogramming, they must journey across an unforgiving and otherworldly country to rescue him and preserve their life together. 


Tender Is the Flesh

Tender is FleshIf you stayed up watching a dystopian thriller like Snowpiercer or were riveted by the 2019 Spanish film The Platform where people all lived in a high-rise building where each floor represented a different class, we’ve got a great book for you. Tender is the Flesh by Argentinian author Agustina Bazterrica describes a world where all animals have been exterminated and humanity turns to… other options. Be forewarned: this horror novel is not for the faint of heart or stomach, but it packs a punch and will keep you all night until its devastating conclusion.


We Could Be Heroes

We could be heroesIf you’re a fan of superheroes with a side of darkness – think The Boys or Batman – then we think you’re going to love We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen. When superhero archrivals Jamie and Zoe meet in a memory-loss support group, they realize the only way to reveal their hidden pasts might be through each other. As they uncover an ongoing threat that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear – including the planet – Zoe and Jamie will have to recognize that sometimes being a hero starts with trusting someone else—and yourself.


Patron Saints of Nothing

Patron saints of nothingIf you can’t look away from familial heartache and dramatic tension of shows like Breaking Bad or Ozark, you may enjoy Randy Ribay’s Patron Saints of Nothing. Hoping to uncover the events that led to his cousin Jun’s death in the Phillipines, Filipino-American Jay is forced to reckon with the many sides of his drug-dealing cousin before he can face the whole horrible truth -- and the part he played in it. Heartbreaking and harrowing, this novel is a page-turning portrayal of the struggle to reconcile faith, family, and immigrant identity.


All That’s Left in the World

All thats left in the worldIf you love the post-apocalyptic drama It’s Us OR the wildly popular queer teen rom-com series Heartstopper melt your heart, then we’ve got the genre-crossover book for you. In All That’s Left in the World by Erik J. Brown, a deadly pathogen has killed off most of the world’s population, including everyone Andrew and Jamie have ever loved. Together, they flee south to find civilization, but their secrets are catching up to them, including the feeling that there’s more than friendship growing between them. 

No matter what genre of TV or movie you enjoy, we bet there’s a book you’ll love just as much. Go check out Booksio.com for bestsellers or books by genre to find your next page-turner!